Windows Setup Instructions

Automatic Setup

Use the following connection installers for windows to make connecting to VPNoD easier.

Just run the connection installer, look for the new VPNoD connection under vpn connections, and use your username and password to connect

Manual Setup

  1. Go to the control panel

  2. Select networks and internet

  3. Select setup a new internet connection

  4. In the pop-up dialog, select connect to a workplace then hit next

  5. Select use my internet connection

  6. For internet address enter or select one of the servers listed here:

    Choose any name to identify the vpn connection name and then select create

  7. On the right side panel you will find your newly created vpn connection, select it then select connect

  8. Now enter your username and password, you can signup here:

    Important Note: Your username will be an email and it is the same username and password you used when signing up to