Windows Setup Instructions

Automatic Setup

Use the following connection installers for windows to make connecting to VPNoD easier.

Just run the connection installer, look for the new VPNoD connection under vpn connections, and use your username and password to connect

Manual Setup

  1. From the Start button, select Connect To

    Vista Pptp 1

  2. Select Set up a connection or network

    Vista Pptp 2

  3. Select Connect to a workplace and click Next

    Vista Pptp 3

  4. Select Use my Internet Connection (VPN)

    Vista Pptp 4

    NOTE: If prompted for 'Do you want to use a connection that you already have?', select No, create a new connection and click Next.

  5. In the Internet Address: field, include one of the servers listed as being online here (for example, you can type

  6. In the Destination Name: field, type VPNOD.

    Vista Pptp 5

  7. In the User Name: field, type your username that you used when registering to (Register here). This is usually an email address.

  8. In the Password: field, type your password that you used when registering to

    Vista Pptp 6

  9. Click the Create button and then click the Close button.

    Vista Pptp 7

  10. To connect to the VPN server after creating the VPN Connection, click on Start, then Connect to.

    Vista Pptp 1

  11. Select the VPN connection in the window and click Connect.

    Vista Pptp 8