Windows Open VPN Setup Instructions

  1. Download the OpenVPN client that matches your windows version but do not install before reading the next step!:
  2. Right click on the installation file you just downloaded and select Run as Administrator to install THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT:

  3. Download the VPNod Open VPN configuration from
  4. Move the configuration file you just downloaded to the OpenVPN configuration directory found at:
    C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config

    The directory will only have a readme file, copy vpnod.ovpn to it:

  5. Go back to the desktop and right click on 'OpenVPN GUI' shortcut that was created after installation, and select Run as Administrator:

  6. The OpenVPN client will start and will add an icon to the system tray as can be seen here:

  7. Right click the system tray icon and then select Connect:

  8. Enter your username and password and select ok:

  9. If successfully connected, you will get a message like the following: