Mac OS X Setup Instructions

  1. Select "Open Network Preferences" by clicking on the wifi or network icon in the top panel.

  2. Click plus icon to add vpn configuration.

  3. Select VPN as the interface.

  4. Make sure the VPN Type is set to L2TP. Choose a suitable name for the connection so you can recognize it.

  5. After creating the connection, click on the Advanced button.

  6. Make sure that "Send all traffic over VPN connection" is checked and click ok.

    1. Put (the first letter is small case L) in the Server Address field.
    2. put the username you used to register at into the account name (which is typically your email).
    3. Make sure also that the "Show VPN Status in menu bar" is checked
    4. Select authentication settings when done.

    1. Put the password you created at here
    2. Put DDUTgh5kMKS3ktyv in the shared secret

    Select OK when you are done. You will only need to perform the earlier stepts once when you first use It will be much easier the next time."

  7. We are almost done, just click Apply to apply all the changes you made to the connection and then you are ready to connect

  8. Finally, on the top menu bar, click on the VPN connection you created as shown in the image and this is how you would connect every time.