iPhone/iPad Setup Instructions

  1. Register for an account at https://www.vpnod.com/account/signup/, you will use the same username and password during registration in your VPN settings. The username is usually an email address

  2. You will receive a confirmation email to verify your email address

  3. Go to Settings button on your iPhone/iPad

  4. Go to General

    IMG 0700

  5. Select Network

    IMG 0701

  6. Select VPN

    IMG 0702

  7. Add VPN Configuration

    IMG 0703

  8. Make sure you are on the L2TP tab and enter the following information:

    1. Enter any name here to help you recognize the connection.
    2. Set it to l2tp-us.vpnod.com, the first letter is small case L.
    3. Use the email you used to register at vpnod.com as the account
    4. Use the same password you used to register at vpnod.com
    5. Set it to DDUTgh5kMKS3ktyv
    Select Save in the top right corner of screen when done.

    IMG 0705

    1. Now tap on the connection you created.
    2. Then switch on the VPN and wait to establish the connection.

    IMG 0706

  9. NOTE: Now you will find your VPN on the first page in your Settings and it is controllable directly from there.

    IMG 0708